Cucumber Gimlets


Trying to find alcoholic drinks that are low carb is usually somewhat difficult. Finding ones that are made primarily of vegetables are few and far between, save for a bloody mary of course. For those who like gin, the Gin and Tonic reigns supreme, but there exist more refreshing drinks. Around this time of year, most people who have gardens have far too many cucumbers, and this is exactly why I wanted to make the Cucumber Gimlet.

The main ingredient of the gimlet is, obviously, cucumber juice. It’s brightened up with lime and makes the night brighter with gin! You can opt in on adding sugar to cut some of the green taste of the cucumber or you can leave it out for a limier experience. I’ve included both making cucumber juice and mixing the drink because cucumber juice can also lighten up water, be used as a vodka mixer, or even for some facial recipes. Enjoy! I know I did!

Cucumber Juice


– 3 large cucumbers, peeled and cut into spears

– Possibly a little water if you have trouble getting your blender to work

– Glass bottle for storage

– Bowl for juice

– Piece of fabric

– a small glass (alternatively, an expensive juicer)


Place two cucumber spears in the blender and pulse to liquify. Once you reach a decent liquid bath at the bottom of the blender start it on liquify and open the top hole of the blender lid. Drop each spear into the bath and liquify all of the cucumbers. You should have a very thin puree of cucumber at this point.

Push the fabric into the glass to make a pocket. Pour a moderate amount of the cucumber puree into the pocket and gather all the sides. Squeeze this strange fabric balloon full of dead cucumbers and let the juice filter through into the collection bowl. Repeat this process with the remainder of the cucumber puree making sure to clear out the leftover pulp from the fabric between squeezings. I assume this pulp could be used in smoothies or also as facial base, but I haven’t looked into it.

Store the juice in your resealable glass bottle in the refrigerator. Continue reading for the part with alcohol! 


Cucumber Gimlet (


– Juice from one lime

– 1/2 cup of gin

– 1 cup of cucumber juice

– 4 lime half-slices

– 1 tablespoon sugar (optional)

– Cocktail shaker with ice



Place ice in cocktail shaker and fill with gin, lime juice, cucumber juice and optional sugar. Shake until mixed well and pour into martini glasses. Garnish by wiping the glass edge with lime slice and then sticking it on the side of the glass. I sometimes cut a small slit into the slice to make this happen more easily. Drink away! One shaker of this fills a martini glass up about 4 times. 

In making these again I would be very careful to not over-lime the drink. It is a very delicate ratio to balance the sour of the lime with the fresh green of the cucumber. I think these also make a good substitute for margaritas if you have guests who don’t drink tequila, as they are limey and can be sweet if you want them to be. They’re also gorgeous!



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