Poblano and Garlic Stuffed Crock Pot Chicken Breasts in Lime Chile Salsa


Before being cooked in the crock pot. I’ll add another pic


4 poblano peppers, Fire roasted, skin, seeds, stems removed

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

6 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced thin lengthwise

1 bag colorful sweet peppers from Aldi, stems removed

1 bag jalapeño peppers from Aldi, seeds and stems removed

Juice of 8 limes

2 medium white or yellow onions (depending on how sweet you want the salsa)

Sea Salt (about 2 tablespoons)

Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Extra Virgin Olive oil (1 tablespoon for pan, 2 tablespoons for salsa)


Sour Cream

Mexican Spiced Shredded Cheddar


There are 3 mains steps in making this recipe: roasting the poblano peppers (they have a thick waxy cuticle that is unpleasant if you don’t roast them), making the salsa for the crock pot, and searing and stuffing the chicken breasts.

Fire Roast the Poblano Peppers: To fire roast the peppers first get a bowl large enough to fit all the peppers with some sort of covering. Turn on a gas stove burner on high after removing the grate from above it. With a pair of long tongs hold the pepper over the flames and be careful as it pops and turns black. Try to get the entire green skin blackened. After it is fully blackened toss it into the bowl and over it with the lid. Repeat for the remaining poblano peppers, burning each fully and placing it in the covered bowl. Let the peppers sit in the bowl until they cool fully. They should get steamed but not cooked to the point that they fall apart. If you don’t have an open flame they can be roasted under the oven broiler on a pan, but I’ve found this to be much more difficult. After the peppers cool, fill the bowl with cold water and rub off the blackened skin until the majority of the skin is removed. Remove the stems and scrape out the seeds. Roughly chop up the poblano flesh and set aside.

To make salsa first skin and quarter 2 medium onions, juice 8 limes, remove the stems from all the sweet peppers, and halve and remove seeds and stems from the jalapeños. Toss all the peppers, onions, and lime juice into a food processor. Add a few tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons or so of sea salt and about 20 grinds of black pepper. Process on high until the mixture is fully combined and salsa-like.

While processing the salsa, heat up a pan with some olive oil over medium heat. When fully heated sear each chicken breasts for 2-3 minutes just enough to make the meat opaque then flip over to do the same on the other side. Remove from the pan and let cool slightly while all chicken breasts are seared. with a small sharp knife cut open the chicken breasts along one side forming a pocket. Mix together the garlic slices and chopped poblano, then divide into equal quantities, one for each breast. Fill the pockets with each quantity and place them in a clean crock pot. Pour the salsa over the chicken breasts so they are mostly covered.

Set the crock pot for 4 hours on low and let it sit, the lid may rattle a bit because there is a lot of liquid in the mix, but DON’T TOUCH IT IT’S A CROCK POT.

Optionally serve with melted cheese and sour cream on top. Also spoon the salsa over the chicken breast or put each breast in a tupperware for meal-prepping. When reheating I did 2 minutes in the microwave, took it out and topped with cheese and then microwaved another 45 seconds.

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